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Importance of Roof Slope on the Architecture of the House

Roofing slopeRoof slope is an important determining criterion for roofing and guttering. It tells us about the building structure as well. It is an important aspect in roof design and for determining the type of material suited for that particular roof design or slope. Water congestion on the roof is an important issue related to roof slope. Roof slope determines the internal volume of the house as well. The slope of the roof also affects the style of the house. Thus, before constructing the roof or the house an individual must first analyze the consequence of the roof slope on the design and cost of the building. Steeped sloped roofs are generally pleasant looking but are expensive. The steeper the slope the more the material required for roofing. Roof slope also determines the material for roofing since steeped slope roofs require a different and more durable material for construction than a less steeped one.

Roofing Slope

The roofing slope is termed as pitch. It is a ratio of vertical rise in inches for every horizontal twelve-inch length. High value of the pitch tells us that the roofing slope is steep and low value accounts for flat roofing slope. Roofing slope determine the material for roofing as well ; steeper sloped roofs require durable material and coating for water drainage and other features but steeper roofing slope ensures long life of the roof with zero or very less maintainability, thus, ensuring that in the end steep sloping roofs are cost effective. However, steep sloped roofs will not allow tiles or shingles as roofing materials, which are appropriate for the flat roof or less steep sloped roof. Roofing slope determines the overall design and aesthetic look of the house. A steep slope for a contemporary home with other features or design that looks best with a flat roof will definitely change the feel of the home in a deteriorating manner. However, the right combination of roofing slope can enhance the design of the house.

Minimum Roof Slope and Flat Roof Slope

Roof slopeMaintaining a minimum roof slope for every home ensures easy water drainage through roof gutters and maintains the durability of the roof against bad weather and rainwater. A minimum roof slope ensures a little extra interior volume of the house as well. A pitch value of 1/12 is the minimum value for a home as suggested by the experts in roof sloping. This type of minimum roof slope is favorable for metal roofs where roofing material is very expensive. Slope of a flat roof can be zero also known as ‘dead’ slope roofs. Slope of a flat roof may not exist at all depending on the choice of the homeowner. However, flat roof slopes have a scale that defines their flatness. Flat roof slope have a pitch value ranging from 0:12 to 2and a ? / 12. This value clearly defines the slope of a flat roof.

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