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Effective Cost of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing costThe cost of metal roofing depends on the type of material the sheet contains. Accordingly, labor charges for installation and additional costs of holding or construction materials add up to the bill. Thus, cost of metal roofing sometimes can be quite expensive as compared to asphalt roofing. Different grades of metal sheets are available in the market, which makes a major impact in the cost of metal sheet roofing. Pricing of metal sheets for roofing are typically estimated in square foot. The price ranges from $1.50 per square foot to $6 per square foot depending on the composition of the sheet panels. Initial cost of a metal roof is more than an asphalt roof, however, the durability and aesthetic feature of a metal roof makes it cost effective and inexpensive in the end.

Cost of Metal Roofs

Installation cost of a metal roof depends on the method of installation as well as on the type of metal panel. Figures for the cost of metal roof quoted by the manufacturers typically consists of panels, fastening clips, caps, and all trims and flashing. However, the customer must ensure and clarify about additional charges associated with the installation. Mainly these additional charges consist of labor charges and freight charges. Thus, it is wise to choose a regional manufacturer for purchasing metal sheets since freight charges are very expensive. Requesting bids from multiple manufacturers can reduce the cost of metal roof as competition from multiple manufacturers can reduce the price. Geographical location of the home too plays an important role deciding the cost of metal roofing since availability of multiple manufacturers as well as the required raw material can turn out to be very low.

Cost of metal roofs varies significantly according to the sheet material. The base installation price for G-90 steel inter-locking shingle Roof System is $750.00 per square and an average roof consists of 17 to 22 squares thus making metal roof installation quite expensive. Thus, an average cost of metal roofs can range from $12,750 to $16,500. Corrosion resistant high quality galvanized roofing material consisting of steel coil or sheet steel coated with a combination of zinc and aluminum costs around $450 per square. Cost of standing seam metal roofing is also high with a price tag of $1000 per square installed.

Metal roof costDiscount Metal Roofing

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