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green roof technologyThe global warming and the environmental pollution have already made havoc damage to the human society. People all over the world are really thinking serious to find the possible solution to the problem. However, if you are interested to participate to make the world beautiful and free of pollution, you must take the proper initiative to make the green roof. There are a number of green roof benefits which will change the basic pattern of your lifestyle. To be frank, green house always encourages the greenery and freshness of nature.

Make World Green- Design Green Roof

There are many hotel and restaurants which cultivate vegetables and fresh fruits on the terrace or on the roof of the main infrastructure. These fruits are vegetables are produced in huge quantity. They save several thousand dollars every month. You can also take the advantages of green roof by enhancing the cultivation of the vegetables on the roof. It will save you from being affected by air pollution. Green roof also deducts the severity of sound pollution.

According to the researchers, the sound will be absorbed by the green roof to a great extent due to the usage of plants, herbs and different types of natural aspects. It will reduce the sound through the absorption process. It will help the purification of the nature. The cost of upkeep of the green green roofing technologyroof is very easy and less hazardous. The green roofing system is also conducive to the reduction of heat. Your house will be cool during summer days. The maintenance charge of this green roof is low comparing to conventional house.

There is a luxurious hotel named Fairmount Waterfront which is located in Vancouver. This sophisticated hotel is famous for nestling aromatic herbs, green vegetables and different types of wild flowers on the roof. The owner of the hotel has stated that he saves around thirty thousand dollars per year by cultivating vegetables and flowers plus fruits on the roof. If you like to get green roof benefits, you need to think seriously for the construction of green roofing system to protect your health.

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